Bando PRIMULE@DSCM per dottorandi/e

Bando PRIMULE@DSCM per dottorandi/e

E' stato pubblicato sull'albo ufficiale di ateneo il Bando PRIMULE@DSCM. Il bando, riservato a allievi/e di Dottorato in corso, è volto a finanziare progetti di ricerca di 1 anno da...


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qmmm esipt enhanced samplingCongratulations to our PhD students Michele Nottoli and Mattia Bondanza for their publication entitled: An enhanced sampling QM/AMOEBA approach: The case of the excited state intramolecular proton transfer in solvated 3-hydroxyflavone. In this work, we present an extension of the polarizable quantum mechanical (QM)/AMOEBA approach to enhanced sampling techniques.

lignin electrocatalysis ridCongratulations to our Ph.D. Nicola Di Fidio for his scientific publication "Electro-oxidative depolymerisation of technical lignin in water using platinum, nickel oxide hydroxide and graphite electrodes" on the RSC "New Journal of Chemistry". In order to improve the lignin exploitation to added-value bioproducts, a mild chemical conversion route based on electrochemistry was implemented.

ionic liquid sugarCarbohydrates represent a promising option in transitioning from oil-based chemical resources to renewable ones, with the goal of developing chemistries for a sustainable future. Cellulose, hemicellulose, and largely available monosaccharides already provide useful chemical building blocks, so-called platform chemicals, such as levulinic acid and hydroxymethyl furfural, as well as solvents like cyrene or gamma-valerolactone.

ph sensors advancesCongratulations to our Ph.D. students Federico Vivaldi, Noemi Poma and Andrea Bonini, from the Chemistry Lab for Analytical Technologies and Sensors (CATS), for their recent review entitled "Recent advances in optical, electrochemical and field effect pH sensors". Although its first definition dates back to more than a century ago, pH and its measurement are still studied for improving the performance of current sensors in everyday analysis.

curing process autoxidationCongratulations to our Ph.D. student Silvia Pizzimenti for her publication "Oxidation and Cross-Linking in the Curing of Air-Drying Artists’ Oil Paints" on ACS Applied Polymer Materials. The objective of this study is to improve the molecular understating of the processes that lead to the conversion of the fluid binder into a dry film, and how this evolves with time, which is at the base of a better comprehension of degradation phenomena of oil paintings, and relevant to the artists' paint manufacturing industry.

Extraction of proteins and residual oilOur contribution "Extraction of proteins and residual oil from flax (Linum usitatissimum), camelina (Camelina sativa), and sunflower (Helianthus annuus) oilseed press cakes" is now published on Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery - Springer. This work targets the chemical characterization of flax cake (FC), camelina cake (CC), and sunflower cake (SC) in order to evaluate the composition of proteins and residual oil, which are two of the main components, and to assess further technological applications of these biowastes.

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