Il Dott. Gianluca Casotti premiato per la sua Tesi di Dottorato

Il Dott. Gianluca Casotti premiato per la sua Tesi di Dottorato

Congratulazioni al Dott. Gianluca Casotti, vincitore del Premio Miglior Tesi di Ateneo per il settore Scienze Chimiche, Scienze Biologiche, Scienze Agrarie e Scienze del Farmaco. La tesi “New protocols for...

A new season of PhD Tales

A new season of PhD Tales

We announce a new series of videos "PhD Tales - I dottorandi si raccontano". DSCM PhD students tell about their research activity directly from their labs at DCCI in short...

Seminar by prof. Timothy Swager

Seminar by prof. Timothy Swager

[May 3rd, h.16, room 034] Prof. Timothy Swager, from Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (USA), will give a seminar on the Chemistry of Dynamic Liquid-Liquid Interfaces. SynopsisProf....


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niccolai macrogiovaniCongratulations to our Ph.D. student Francesca Niccolai for winning one of the best presentations at Macrogiovani 2022, an event organized by "Associazione Italiana di Scienze e Tecnologie delle Macromolecole" (AIM) in Florence. The title of her presentation was "Next-generation composite polymeric membranes for semi-organic redox flow batteries". Redox flow batteries (RFBs) are promising candidates for large-scale energy storage thanks to their long service lifetimes, relatively low capital costs, and independent scaling of energy and power density. The membrane is a pivotal component of RFBs as it determines the performance as well as the economic viability of the batteries.

fast electronic couplings biomacromoleculesCongratulations to our PhD student Edoardo Cignoni for his publication entitled "A fast method for electronic couplings in embedded multichromophoric systems". Electronic couplings are key to understanding exciton delocalization and transport in natural and artificial light harvesting processes. The authors develop a method to compute couplings in multichromophoric aggregates embedded in complex environments without running expensive quantum chemical calculations. They use a transition charge approximation to represent the quantum mechanical transition densities of the chromophores and an atomistic and polarizable classical model to describe the environment atoms.

sistemi biologici ambienti poco illuminatiStudio computazionale dei complessi LH2 dei batteri fotosintetici per spiegare l’adattamento delle forme di vita agli ambienti scarsamente illuminati.
Quinto appuntamento con il progetto DSCM di comunicazione della scienza nato dalla collaborazione con Microbiologia Italia. L’articolo divulgativo del mese di maggio è stato realizzato dal Dott. Felipe Cardoso Ramos e curato dal Dott. Nicola Di Fidio. “Il processo di fotosintesi, in piante, alghe o batteri, inizia con l’assorbimento della luce solare da parte dei complessi proteici di raccolta della luce (LH) contenenti diversi cromofori. Quest’ultimi sono molecole o sistemi di legami chimici in grado di assorbire radiazioni elettromagnetiche nel campo del visibile e dell’ultravioletto.

reactivity toward co2In this work we computationally investigate the reaction of carbon dioxide with [LAuX] (L =phosphine, N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC); X = Al(NON), B(o-tol)2) complexes to get insights into the Al/B anionic and gold ancillary ligand effects on the Au-Al/B bond nature, electronic structure, and reactivity of these compounds. The Au−Al and Au−B bonds have both an electron-sharing nature, with the diarylboryl gold complexes displaying a more polarized Auδ+−Bδ− bond. The gold ligand (phosphine or N-heterocyclic carbene) has a negligible electronic effect on the Au−X bond, consistently with a radical-like reactivity of the complexes with carbon dioxide, which favors the gold-aluminyl over the gold-diarylboryl complexes.

ppoCongratulations to our Ph.D. student Cosimo Micheletti and to our grant holder Francesco Ventura for their scientific publication entitled “Nanoporous-crystalline and amorphous films of PPO including off-on vapochromic fluorescent 7-hydroxy coumarin guests” in Polymer journal. The study examines the preparation of nanoporous-crystalline and amorphous films of poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)oxide (PPO) containing 7-hydroxy coumarin (i.e., umbelliferone) for the detection of chloroform vapours.

synthesis chalconesStabilized Arylzinc Iodides in Negishi Acylative Cross-Coupling: A Modular Synthesis of Chalcones.
Stabilized arylzinc iodides, synthesized by direct insertion of zinc into the corresponding halides, were used as nucleophiles into an acylative Negishi coupling reaction to synthesize chalcones. The reaction conditions were optimized to afford optimal results on a model reaction and then applied to synthesize nine compounds. Esters, chlorides, electron-rich, electron-poor and sterically hindered substrates are well tolerated and even heteroaryl derivatives can be synthesized.

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