Premio Adolfo Parmaliana

Premio Adolfo Parmaliana

Il Dott. Nicola Di Fidio, assegnista di ricerca presso il Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale dell'Università di Pisa e dottore di ricerca in Scienze Chimiche e dei Materiali (DSCM,...

Bando Vinci 2021

Bando Vinci 2021

Siamo lieti di annunciare che il progetto della Dottoranda Carlotta Pieroni dal titolo "Fattorizzazione esatta e dinamiche non adiabatiche basate su traiettorie classiche", svolto in cotutela con l'Università Paris-Saclay, é...

Borsa di dottorato "Giulio Regeni" al DSCM/DCCI

Borsa di dottorato "Giulio Regeni" al DSCM/DCCI

L'Università di Pisa ha assegnato alla scuola di Dottorato in Scienze Chimiche e dei Materiali la borsa di dottorato dedicata alla memoria di Giulio Regeni per il 37°ciclo. Tale borsa...


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crispr cas12a bacteriaCongratulations to our Ph.D. students Andrea Bonini, Noemi Poma and Federico Vivaldi from the Chemistry Lab for Analytical Technologies and Sensors (CATS), for their recent research article entitled "A label-free impedance biosensing assay based on CRISPR/Cas12a collateral activity for bacterial DNA detection". The rapid and selective identification in the clinical setting of pathogenic bacteria causing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and in particular blood stream infections (BSIs) is a major challenge.

carotenoids ocp xanthophyllsCongratulation to our PhD Mattia Bondanza for his publication on JPCL "Excited States of Xanthophylls Revisited: Toward the Simulation ofBiologically Relevant Systems". Xanthophylls are a class of oxygen-containing carotenoids, which play afundamental role in light-harvesting pigment−protein complexes and in many photoresponsive proteins. The complexity of the manifold of the electronic states and the large sensitivity to the environment still prevent a clear and coherent interpretation of their photophysics and photochemistry.

graphene biosensorsCongratulations to our Ph.D. students Federico Vivaldi, Andrea Bonini and Noemi Poma from the Chemistry Lab for Analytical Technologies and Sensors (CATS), for their recent review entitled "Three-Dimensional (3D) Laser-Induced Graphene: Structure, Properties, and Application to Chemical Sensing". Notwithstanding its relatively recent discovery, graphene has gone through many evolution steps and inspired a multitude of applications in many fields, from electronics to life science.

chemo enzymatic isosorbideA new chemoenzymatic protocol for the preparation of 6-aminoisomannide was developed starting from renewable sources. The key step of the protocol was a biocatalysed highly regioselective acetylation of the 3-endo hydroxyl group of isosorbide, performed employing Immobilized Amano Lipase PS onto octadecyl methacrylate resin. The catalyst gave good results even on a large scale (10mmol) and it could be recycled 3 times without loss of selectivity.

qmmm esipt enhanced samplingCongratulations to our PhD students Michele Nottoli and Mattia Bondanza for their publication entitled: An enhanced sampling QM/AMOEBA approach: The case of the excited state intramolecular proton transfer in solvated 3-hydroxyflavone. In this work, we present an extension of the polarizable quantum mechanical (QM)/AMOEBA approach to enhanced sampling techniques.

lignin electrocatalysis ridCongratulations to our Ph.D. Nicola Di Fidio for his scientific publication "Electro-oxidative depolymerisation of technical lignin in water using platinum, nickel oxide hydroxide and graphite electrodes" on the RSC "New Journal of Chemistry". In order to improve the lignin exploitation to added-value bioproducts, a mild chemical conversion route based on electrochemistry was implemented.

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