100 Years in Chemistry - DSCM students

100 Years in Chemistry - DSCM students

Gli allievi del 1° anno di dottorato DSCM celebreranno l'anniversario del premio Nobel conferito a Niels Bohr con l'iniziativa "Niels Bohr and the atomic model: 100 years from the Nobel...

Al Dott. Gianluca Casotti il premio C.I.N.M.P.I.S. per la miglior Tesi di dottorato 2022

Al Dott. Gianluca Casotti il premio  C.I.N.M.P.I.S. per la miglior Tesi di dottorato 2022

Il Dott. Gianluca Casotti, attualmente assegnista di ricerca presso i laboratori Molecolab/SoS&PePsy del nostro dipartimento DCCI, è stato premiato dal C.I.N.M.P.I.S., Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale di ricerca in Metodologie e Processi...

Bando per il 38° ciclo - Call for 38th cycle

Bando per il 38° ciclo - Call for 38th cycle

Il bando per il 38° ciclo del Dottorato è stato pubblicato sul sito UNIPI https://dottorato.unipi.it/index.php/it/concorsi-d-ammissione-a-a-2022-2023/item/667.html con scadenza 8 Agosto.The call for the 38th cycle of the PhD has been published...


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qmmm multilayer multiscaleCongratulations to our PhD student Michele Nottoli for his publication entitled: Energy, Structures, and Response Properties with a Fully Coupled QM/AMOEBA/ddCOSMO Implementation. In this work, we present the implementation of a fully coupled polarizable QM/MM/continuum model based on the AMOEBA polarizable force field and the domain decomposition implementation of the conductor-like screening model.

synthesis chiral polycyclesWe present two novel linear fused pyran-dioxane based bi- and tricycles, synthesized with total stereoselectivity from a glycal derived vinyl epoxide. Chiral heteropolycyclic structures are widespread in compounds of high pharmaceutical relevance. In particular, linear fused pyran-dioxane based polycycles can be found in several naturally occurring molecules, and among them, cardiac glycosides and antibiotic spectinomycin are characterized by a cis–cisoid–trans geometry.

co pyrolysis biomass ega msCongratulations to our Ph.D. student Federica Nardella for her publication entitled "Co-pyrolysis of wood and plastic: Evaluation of synergistic effects and kinetic data by evolved gas analysis-mass spectrometry (EGA-MS)". Co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastics gives rise to synergistic effects that can improve the properties of the resulting bio-oil. In this paper, the co-pyrolysis of lignocellulose (softwoods and hardwoods) and plastic (polyethylene and polystyrene) mixtures at different ratios was investigated by evolved gas analysis-mass spectrometry (EGA-MS).

crispr cas12a bacteriaCongratulations to our Ph.D. students Andrea Bonini, Noemi Poma and Federico Vivaldi from the Chemistry Lab for Analytical Technologies and Sensors (CATS), for their recent research article entitled "A label-free impedance biosensing assay based on CRISPR/Cas12a collateral activity for bacterial DNA detection". The rapid and selective identification in the clinical setting of pathogenic bacteria causing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and in particular blood stream infections (BSIs) is a major challenge.

carotenoids ocp xanthophyllsCongratulation to our PhD Mattia Bondanza for his publication on JPCL "Excited States of Xanthophylls Revisited: Toward the Simulation ofBiologically Relevant Systems". Xanthophylls are a class of oxygen-containing carotenoids, which play afundamental role in light-harvesting pigment−protein complexes and in many photoresponsive proteins. The complexity of the manifold of the electronic states and the large sensitivity to the environment still prevent a clear and coherent interpretation of their photophysics and photochemistry.

graphene biosensorsCongratulations to our Ph.D. students Federico Vivaldi, Andrea Bonini and Noemi Poma from the Chemistry Lab for Analytical Technologies and Sensors (CATS), for their recent review entitled "Three-Dimensional (3D) Laser-Induced Graphene: Structure, Properties, and Application to Chemical Sensing". Notwithstanding its relatively recent discovery, graphene has gone through many evolution steps and inspired a multitude of applications in many fields, from electronics to life science.

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