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Prof. Giuliano Siligardi (DLS, Didcot, UK), Prof. Lorenzo DI Bari (Università di Pisa, IT)

Title of the PhD project:
CD Imaging o chiral semi-conducting π-conjugated polymers

Abstract of the PhD project:
The project consists in surface scanning and complete ECD spectra recording on each pixel of thin films of π-conjugated chiral materials with the use of an apparatus built-up at B23 line of Diamond Light Source (CD imaging or CDi). I will contribute to the further development of this instrumentation and I will extend the analysis integrating a full B23 Mueller Matrix Polarimeter (MMP). I will also work on the synthesis and preparation of thin films of chiral organic semiconductors. I will design and synthetize chiral aromatic monomers, which will be used for building oligo- or polymeric organic semiconductors. I shall study their supramolecular structure and their organization into the thin films by means of the CDi and localized MMP analysis. I shall pursue the synthesis of luminescent systems, which do not give rise to aggregation-caused quenching (ACQ) that is a common effect with organic chromophores. Preserving emission in the solid state will be of prime importance, as well as preparing homogeneous and well-organised chiral supramolecular structure generating spectra of the highest CD intensity magnitude. Successful materials will be evaluated for the fabrication of CP-OLED in collaboration with the other units of the HEL4CHIROLED consortium. The emission spectrum can be modulated to some extent by choosing co-monomers and appropriate substituents. I shall study in-depth all these aspects, with the aid of computational methods, and of a combination of optical techniques (fluorescence, ECD, CPL), microscopy (POM, EM, AFM) and of scattering and diffractometric methods in collaboration with the Technical University of Eindhoven (NL).

F. Zinna, G. Albano, A. Taddeucci, T. Colli, L. A. Aronica, G. Pescitelli, L. Di Bari. “Emergent non-reciprocal circularly polarized emission from an organic thin film”, Adv. Mat. 2020, 32, 2002575.

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