second order casscf choleskyCongratulations to our PhD student Tommaso Nottoli for his publication entitled: “Second-Order CASSCF Algorithm with the Cholesky Decomposition of the Two-Electron Integrals”. In this contribution, we present the implementation of a second-order complete active space–self-consistent field (CASSCF) algorithm in conjunction with the Cholesky decomposition of the two-electron repulsion integrals.

The algorithm, called norm-extended optimization, guarantees convergence of the optimization, but it involves the full Hessian and is therefore computationally expensive. Coupling the second-order procedure with the Cholesky decomposition leads to a significant reduction in the computational cost, reduced memory requirements, and an improved parallel performance. As a result, CASSCF calculations of larger molecular systems become possible as a routine task. The performance of the new implementation is illustrated by means of benchmark calculations on molecules of increasing size, with up to about 3000 basis functions and 14 active orbitals.