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Prof. Marco Geppi, Dr.ssa Francesca Martini

Title of the PhD project:
Enabling technologies for the introduction of sustainable materials in rubber formulation: characterization of elastomeric materials by NMR spectroscopy and NMR relaxometry

Abstract of the PhD project:
Tire manufacturers are focusing on the use of renewable biomass, an organic material that comes from plants and animals. There is a growing interest among tire companies in using natural rubber, which comes from rubber trees. In particular, the search for materials of natural origin also extends to plasticizers, where vegetable oils and resins extracted from plants or seeds of industrial crops or products of biorefining, could in theory replace mineral oils and aromatic resins, derived from petroleum. The aim of this PhD project is to find correlations between the microscopic and macroscopic properties of the new rubber formulations, containing plasticizers of natural origin, and to gain insight into the miscibility between the polymeric matrix and the plasticizers.

Pierigé, M.; Iuliano, A.; Angelici, G.; Casotti, G. Stabilized Arylzinc Iodides in Negishi Acylative Cross-Coupling: A Modular Synthesis of Chalcones. Organics 2022, 3, 87-94.

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