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Prof. Marco Taddei and prof. Marco Lessi

Title of the PhD project:
Development of new Metal-Organic Frameworks as adsorbents for biogas upgrading.

Abstract of the PhD project:
Biogas upgrading involves carbon dioxide removal from raw biogas to produce biomethane, which is currently acknowledged as one of the most promising environmentally friendly biofuels for a sustainable energy production, well aligned with international climate goals. For this reason, the development of an efficient and cost-effective CO2 separation technology for a significant biomethane scale-up is an imperative task.
In this scenario, the outstanding inherent properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) make these materials competitive candidates for efficient adsorption-based gas separations.
This project aims at accessing the most promising MOFs by combining high valence cerium sites with O-donor fluorinated ligands, with the goal to achieve a synergistic effect resulting in the realization of practical and efficient CO2 separation materials. In fact, the presence of fluorine atoms ensures a selective capture of CO2 over less interactive CH4, while the incorporation of high valence metal sites is key for obtaining robust and high-performance frameworks, as they can behave as Lewis acids capable to strongly polarize CO2 molecules. Moreover, in order to gain insights into structure-property relationship, which can guide the design of such advanced materials and rationalize their separation performance, a multi-technique characterization involving X-Ray Diffraction, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and gas adsorption measurements will be performed.


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