ionic liquid sugarCarbohydrates represent a promising option in transitioning from oil-based chemical resources to renewable ones, with the goal of developing chemistries for a sustainable future. Cellulose, hemicellulose, and largely available monosaccharides already provide useful chemical building blocks, so-called platform chemicals, such as levulinic acid and hydroxymethyl furfural, as well as solvents like cyrene or gamma-valerolactone.

Therefore, there is great anticipation for novel applications involving materials and chemicals derived from sugars. In the field of ionic liquids (ILs), sugar-based ILs have been overlooked for a long time, mainly on account of their multistep demanding preparation. However, exploring new strategies for accessing sugar-based ILs, their study, and their exploitation, are attracting increasing interest. This is due to the growing concerns about the negative (eco)toxicity profile of most ILs in conjunction with their non-sustainable nature. In the present review, a literature survey concerning the development of sugar-based ILs since 2011 is presented. Their preparation strategies and thermal behavior analyses, sorted by sugar type, make up the first two sections with the intention to provide the reader with a useful guide. A final overview of the potential applications of sugar-based ILs and their future perspectives complement the present analysis.

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