imaging chiral organic thin filmCongratulations to our Ph.D. student Andrea Taddeucci for winning one of the poster prizes at CD2022, an event organized by "New York University" (NYU) in New York. The title of his poster was "Circular Dichroism Imaging of Novel Chiral Organic Dyes in Thin Film using Diamond Light Source B23 highly collimated Synchrotron Radiation". Thin films of chiral dyes with semiconductive properties open the way to the fabrication of new generation optoelectronic devices with enhanced performances, thanks to the emission of circularly polarized light and the control of electrons' spin. Circular Dichroism (CD) Imaging technique provides preliminary information on the possibility to adopt them in the mentioned devices.

His work is focused on the synthesis of small chiral organic dyes and their characterization in thin film with spectroscopic imaging techniques, such as CD Imaging and Mueller Matrix Polarimetry (MMP) Imaging.