horizon 2020From individual fellowships to the horizon - A short course on project writing on the European platform  
by Dr. Martina Calamusa, Prof. Benedetta Mennucci, Prof. Andrea Pucci, Prof. Gaetano Angelici 
June 29th - July 3rd

The course aims at introducing PhD students to Horizon2020, the platform of research projects funded by EU.
The students will familiarize with the most relevant concepts such as the different types of projects, the structure of a standard proposal, eligibility criteria, analysis of the evaluation form, project guidelines, and main statistics for the specific projects. The introduction lecture will be delivered by Dr. Martina Calamusa, Research facilitator in the Research and Technology Transfer Services of UNIPI.

Three professors from DCCI will illustrate their personal experience with EU projects of different types of Individual Fellowships:
ERC Starting Grants; Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions - Individual fellowship (MSCA-IF); Future and Emerging Technologies (FET).
In the practical hands-on session, which will focus especially on MSCA-IF, the students will learn how to access useful documents to apply to the programme, and understand the main sections of the template.

Lecture 1 - Dr. Martina Calamusa, Mon 29th June 2020 h11-13
General information on Horizon2020 framework programme with a focus on MSCA - Individual Fellowship projects

Lecture 2 - Prof. Gaetano Angelici, Prof. Andrea Pucci, Tue 30th June 2020 h11-13
Personal experiences: MSCA-IF and FET projects

Lecture 3 - Prof. Benedetta Mennucci, Wed 1st July 2020 h11-12
Personal experience: ERC projects

Lecture 4 - Dr. Martina Calamusa, Prof. Gaetano Angelici, Fri 3rd July h11-12
Hands-on session on H2020 web portal; how to apply for a MSCA-IF Fellowship