graphene biosensorsCongratulations to our Ph.D. students Federico Vivaldi, Andrea Bonini and Noemi Poma from the Chemistry Lab for Analytical Technologies and Sensors (CATS), for their recent review entitled "Three-Dimensional (3D) Laser-Induced Graphene: Structure, Properties, and Application to Chemical Sensing". Notwithstanding its relatively recent discovery, graphene has gone through many evolution steps and inspired a multitude of applications in many fields, from electronics to life science.

The recent advancements in graphene production and patterning, and the inclusion of two-dimensional (2D) graphenic materials in three-dimensional (3D) superstructures, further extended the number of potential applications. In this Review, we focus on laser-induced graphene (LIG), an intriguing 3D porous graphenic material produced by direct laser scribing of carbonaceous precursors, and on its applications in chemical sensors and biosensors.
Their work is available at the following link: