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Prof.ssa Valentina Domenici

Title of the PhD project:
A new experimental/historical/interactive blended approach for introduction of fundamentals of Chemistry through Spectroscopy.

Abstract of the PhD project:
This project aims to develop and realize a new teaching approach of chemistry fundamentals, as molecular and electronic structure of matter, for high school and first year of university. This project is focused on the development of a dissertation on electronical structure of the matter, without the quantistic chemistry as instrument, but with experimental/historical/interactive blended approach based on Spectroscopy. Spectroscopy was able in the past to give experimental evidences of the structure of matter before the mathematical and physical rationalization. Nevertheless, recently, Uv-vsible spectroscopy is employed in school only as instrument for quantitative analysisi, for specific applications, without highlighting the fascinating phenomenon of the light-matter interaction. This project aims to introduce the electronic structure through spectroscopy, starting from actual knowledge in Italian school and from international innovative expertizes on didactic methodologies. In the first phase, a didactic pathway on introduction of spectroscopy will be introduced to a group of graduating classes in a technical institute to evaluate important and critical points relative to learning ability of chemical fundamentals and teaching approach. In the second phase a new teaching approach will be built and based on: 1) historical /epistemiological approach on spectroscopy 2) laboratorial approach, as a STEM, with development of new teaching experiences with active didactic methodologies.3) digital approach on interactive digital platform with flipped classroom modality. The third phase will involve a comparative study conducted by secondary school students and first university students in parallel, to evaluate the efficiency of the learning pathway of fundamentals of chemistry.

• Carpentieri, M.A.; Jurinovich S., Domenici V. (2022) “Il percorso dei percorsi” nella spettroscopia nella scuola secondaria di secondo grado, Chimica nella Scuola, 3, 32-43.
• Carpentieri, M.A.; Fano, G.; Jurinovich, S.; Domenici, V. (2023) Introduction to Light Properties and Basic Principles of Spectroscopy at the High-School Level: A Pilot Study. Educ. Sci., 13, 316.

Oral communications at conferences:
• G. Fano, M. A. Carpentieri, S. Jurinovich, V. Domenici. “A new didactic pathway to introduce Spectroscopy by historical-epistemiological/STEM laboratorial/distance learning blended approach”, (Virtual meeting), XXVII Congresso Nazionale della Società Chimica Italiana SCI, 15th-September 2021
• M. A. Carpentieri, V. Domenici.” L'immagine della luce in un approccio storico e sperimentale alla spettroscopia nella scuola secondaria di secondo grado “, Il ruolo delle immagini e degli strumenti digitali nella didattica delle scienze conference, University of Pisa, 4-5th July 2022
• M. A. Carpentieri, V. Domenici. “Studio di un approccio integrato storico e sperimentale alla spettroscopia nella scuola secondaria di secondo grado “, XIX Convegno Nazionale di Storia e Fondamenti della Chimica, University of Potenza, sperimentale alla spettroscopia nella scuola secondaria di secondo grado “, 26-28th September 2022
• M. A. Carpentieri, V. Domenici Introduzione al colore a livello di scuola secondaria di I grado: dalla progettazione alla sperimentazione in classe, Convegno della Divisione di Didattica Chimica della SCI, Salerno (Italy), 15-17th June 2023
• M. A. Carpentieri, V. Domenici, Una lezione di spettrofotometria UV-Visibile con gli strumenti storici, Il Museo Scientifico, didattica e pubblici: spazi a più voci conference, Musei degli strumenti di Fisica, University of Pisa, 21-22th June 2023

Poster communications at conferences:
• M. A. Carpentieri, V. Domenici, A didactic sequence about UV-Vis Spectroscopy inspired by the historical evolution of spectroscopic instruments, CFF 2021 – Chemistry for the Future International Conference; University of Pisa; 28-30th June 2023

Other achievements:


Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
Via G. Moruzzi, 13 - Pisa, Italy
Corso di Dottorato in Scienze Chimiche e dei Materiali
Doctoral School in Chemistry and Material Science
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