bdt emitters lscCongratulations to our Ph.D. students Cosimo Micheletti and Alberto Picchi for their scientific publication entitled “Orange/Red Benzo[1,2‑b:4,5‑b′]dithiophene 1,1,5,5-Tetraoxide-Based Emitters for Luminescent Solar Concentrators: Effect of Structures on Fluorescence Properties and Device Performances” in the ACS Applied Energy Materials journal. A series of organic fluorescent emitters bearing an electron-withdrawing benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]dithiophene 1,1,5,5-tetraoxide unit as their central core were designed, synthetized, and characterized.

All emitters presenting moderate-to-good FQY in toluene solution were dispersed in a PMMA matrix at different concentrations for LSC studies. Remarkably, both the photonic and PV efficiency figures of LSC built with BDT-H2 were higher than those recently reported for several other organic emitters and were very close to those of state-of-the-art devices fabricated with standard fluorophore LR305.

The article is available at the following link:

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