anticancer marottaCongratulations to our PhD student Carlo Marotta for his scientific publication entitled “An overview of recent advancements in anticancer Pt(IV) prodrugs: new smart drug combinations, activation and delivery strategies ” in Inorganica Chimica Acta. In this article, the most recent advancements made in the field of anticancer Pt(IV) complexes were reviewed. First, have been described Pt(IV) complexes functionalized with molecules that could increase the anticancer activity of the entire complex.

For example, have been considered complexes endowed with drugs commonly used in clinical practice, as well as with molecules with high anticancer activity and with analogues of micronutrients normally present in the human body. Secondly, in order to give a wider overview of the different approaches through which Pt(IV) complexes can exert their anticancer action, some delivering strategies have been also reviewed. Finally, photoactivatable Pt(IV) complexes were taken into account, thus providing an example of a different mechanism of activation for these prodrugs. For the described complexes, the most significant studies performed were reported and commented on, thus providing useful insights on this class of compounds.
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