DSCM PhD program can be accessed in two ways:
1) Through a regular call for all candidates. Call is announced in April, and the deadline is usually in July. This is the necessary procedure to obtain a PhD grant. Every year, one DSCM position with grant is reserved exclusively to students graduated abroad.
2) Foreign students with own funds may apply as “soprannumerari” (extra) students.

Information on how to enrol in the PhD program may be found on the University website. The application process for the current year may be reached through the first item on the left column.

The internal organization of DSCM prescribes for each year a series of duties and deadlines summarized in this document.

First-year students must follow (and pass the final test if required) the following courses:
1a) at least 1 course to be chosen among the panel of “corsi opzionali” of the Master degree in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry or similar degrees; the complete list of active courses at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry can be found on website “Valutami”;
1b) as an alternative to 1a), at least 2 courses of “transversal didactics” or PhD+ organized by University of Pisa, for a total amount of at least 28h; for information and subscription see the dedicated web page;
2) at least 2 series of lectures organized for the Doctorate course (8h each); see “Seminars” webapage;
3) at least 4 scientific seminars at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry or other Universities or entities, or at least 1 national or international school (2 days or more);
4) the English course “English for Research Publication and Presentation Purposes”;
5) the student must also give lecture (1h) within a course in of the Master degree in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry or similar degrees.

The way the various activities are evaluated varies from case to case. For course 1a) there will be an oral exam with the course teacher. whose result must be communicated by e-mail to the coordinator. Courses of type 1b) may have a final test. For activities of type 2) and 3), attendance must be certified. The English course 4) has a starting and a final test. Lecture e) must be communicated by e-mail to the coordinator by the course teacher.

During the first year of the course, each student must prepare a personal web page for the dedicated page on the DSCM website. The personal page must contain the information listed in this template and should be updated every 6-12 months. To publish and update the webpage, please contact Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

During the second year there are no compulsory courses or seminars, anyhow the students are invited to follow the seminars and courses organized by the DSCM, as well as the “transversal didactics” courses of their interest. In addition, 2nd-year students are involved in the organization of Chemistry for the Future, a yearly conference held at the DCCI in the first week of July.