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Dr. Alessandro Mandoli

Study of new synthetic approaches to the production of isoprostanoic derivatives.

Isoprostanes (IsoPs) are stereoisomers of the well-known prostaglandins. While the latter ones are produced in vivo by enzymatic oxidation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), IsoPs production follows a different, radical non-enzymatic, pathway. So, this kind of metabolites are nowadays intensively studied as biomarkers for systemic oxidative stress. In this field one of the biggest difficulties is related to the presence of a huge number of different possible isomers of IsoPs in biological samples. The employment of pure analytical standards is undoubtedly the best way to identify and quantify them, but only few IsoPs are commercially available for this purpose.
The aim of the PhD project is to explore new synthetic ways to the production of known and novel IsoPs, focusing on the development of a concise and flexible sequence with high control of the relative, and eventually absolute, configuration of the stereocentres.


Oral communications at congress:

Poster communications at congress:
D. Santalucia, G. Liuni and A. Mandoli: “Advances in the enantioselective catalytic α-azidation of carbonyl substrates” at International Conference “Catalysis and Organic Synthesis” (ICCOS), Moscow (RUS), Sept 15-20, 2019.