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Dr. Antonella Petri, Dr. Oreste Piccolo

Biocatalysis: a green approach to high added value chemicals

The aim of this Ph.D. project is to explore biocatalysis as a powerful tool. The possibility to immobilize some industrially relevant alcohol dehydrogenases, with different techniques, is being investigated. This study allows to solve large-scale problems such as the cost of the process, the difficulty in the work-up, and the long reaction times. The second research line is mainly focused on the use of ω-transaminases for the synthesis of chiral high-added value amines, exploring the possibility to carry the reaction in unconventional media. Furthermore, the use of biocatalysis will be explored for the valorization of some waste-biomass such as oilseed cakes, which are rich in protein and residual oils, interesting classes of compounds for nutritional and technological applications.

• Parodi, E.; Piccolo, O.; Petri, A.; Applied Biocatalysis: The Chemist’s Enzyme Toolkit, 2020, Wiley, 978-1-119-48701-2
• E. Parodi, J. La Nasa, E. Ribechini, A. Petri, O. Piccolo, Biomass. Conv. Bioref., 2021,

Oral communications at congress:
• “Challenges of biomass: valorization o the oilseed pressing cakes”- MYCS- Merck Young Chemist’s Symposium 2019, Hotel Sporting & Hotel Ambasciatori, Rimini (RN), November 25-27/2019

Poster communications at congress:
• “A greener approach for the oilseed cakes valorisation” Elisabetta Parodi, Antonella Petri, Oreste Piccolo, CFF 2019 - Chemistry for the Future- International Conference (July 3-5, 2019- Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale, Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 13 – Pisa)
• “Valorisation of low-value products from oil-seed pressing process” Elisabetta Parodi, Antonella Petri, Oreste Piccolo, CIS 2019 – Chemistry meets Industry and Society – International Conference, workshop 2 (August 29, 2019 – Grand Hotel Salerno, Salerno, Italy)- BEST POSTER AWARD
• “An efficient immobilized ω-transaminase for the preparation os dome industrially relevant amines” Oreste Piccolo, Elisabetta Parodi, Antonella Petri, “I chimici per le biotecnologie” -3° workshop, Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II, 13-14/02/2020