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Dr. Tarita Biver

Mechanistic details on the binding of innovative dyes to biosubstrates

Fluorescent dyes are currently used in advanced applications of chemistry, medicine and materials. Among others, aromatic dyes with positively charged substituents have the potential to act as anticancer drugs, thanks to their interactions with proteins and polynucleotides. In addition, some of them are excellent macrocyclic ligands for transition metals and the metal centre can promote their biological activity. Mechanistic studies on the interactions between chromophores and biomolecules are the main purpose of this project. We aim to contribute to the development of new therapeutic agents, by employing a combination of known procedures, innovative techniques and theoretical calculations.
Methods: UV-vis absorbance spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism, Circularly polarised luminescence spectroscopy, Calorimetry, Fast kinetic measurements (stopped flow and T-jump), Gel electrophoresis, Viscosimetry, Micellar Enhanced UltraFiltration, Theoretical calculations (DFT)

- T. Biver, S. Aydinoglu, D. Greco, F. Macii, Mechanistic details on Pd(II)/5,10,15,20-tetrakis(1-methyl-4-pyridyl)porphyrin complex formation and reactivity in the presence of DNA, Monatshefte fur Chemie, 149 (2018), 175-183

Oral communications at congress:
2. “Thermodynamic analysis of the interaction between two Cu(II)-phtalocyanine complexes and nucleic acids” (F. Macii, L. Arrico, L. Di Bari, T. Biver)
XL National Congress on Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis and Applied Thermodynamic (17th-19th December 2018, Pisa (Italy))1. “The effect of charged peripheral substituents on the interaction of Cu(II)-phtalocyanine complexes with biosubstrates” (L. Arrico, T. Biver, L. Di Bari, F. Macii)
XIV International Symposium on Inorganic Biochemistry (5th -9th September 2018, Wroklaw (Poland)) BEST ORAL PRESENTATION AWARD WINNER

Poster communications at congress:
3. “Studio delle interazioni fra acidi nucleici e complessi Cu(II)-ftalocianina di interesse biomedico” (F. Macii, L. Arrico, L. Di Bari, T. Biver)
XXXVI Convegno Interregionale TUMA 2018 (4th-5th October 2018, Pisa (Italy))
2. “Solution properties and ct-DNA binding tests of a perylene diimide with promising anticancer activity” (F. Macii, T. Biver, L. Di Bari, B. Mennucci, A. Pucci)
Chemistry for the future 2018 (4th-6th July 2018, Pisa (Italy))
1. “DNA and RNA binding tests of highly positively or negatively charged phtalocyanines” (L. Arrico, T. Biver, L. Di Bari, F. Macii)
XXX International Symposium on Metal Complexes 2018 (3rd-7th June 2018, Firenze (Italy)) BEST POSTER AWARD WINNER